Tribal Unit 45 (TU-45)

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY A redevelopment goal for TU-45 was articulated by Nez Perce Tribal Enterprises (Enterprises) and approved by the Nez Perce Tribal Executive Committee. Enterprises and Tribal Housing have both requested an environmental review prior to proceeding with proposals to design proposed tourist facilities, possible rental apartments, or an assisted living facility. The property has potential to generate jobs, income, and housing. It is anticipated that the existing Teweepuu Community Center would be enhanced and that Tribal Fisheries would remain in place. Contamination on the site has complicated redevelopment proposals.

  • 2016 Continuing Phase II Assessment work that included
    • Quality Assurance Project Plan and Sampling Analysis Plan approval
    • Install 9 additional monitoring wells and collection of soil and water samples
    • Investigation of abandoned underground storage tank (UST)
  • 2015 Site used as a fire camp during the 2015 fire season and site cleanup was performed.
  • 2014 Phase I ESA updated to include current findings
  • 2014 Awarded EPA Assessment Grant to conduct remaining Phase II Assessment
  • 2012 to 2014 Phase II Assessment work performed that included
    • Excavation of creosote pad and soil sampling
    • Drill holes in transformer building cement floor and sampled soils for PCB
    • Passive soil gas sampling
    • Installed 4 monitoring wells and collected drill core and water samples
  • 2011-December received final report from Ecology and Environment, Inc.
  • 2010-Concerns assessed by EPA’s contractor; Ecology and Environment, Inc.; and Tribal Cultural Resources office conducts archeological assessment
  • 2010 Work funded by EPA through a Targeted Brownfields Assessment
  • 2009-Recognized environmental conditions identified by a Phase I ESA

SITE HISTORY The Nez Perce Tribe (Tribe), Water Resources Division requested a property specific funding determination to continue with a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment on TU-45. Tentative redevelopment plans include a recreational venue, tourist facilities with a proposed boat ramp, tackle shop, and rental cabins. Tribal Unit (TU)-45 is a 38.9 acre property located 1.3 miles southeast of Orofino, Idaho, along the south bank of the Clearwater River. This property is managed in Trust by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) for the Nez Perce Tribe (Tribe). Current site activities include Teweepuu Community Center, Tribal Fisheries Office, and recreation focusing on fishing, swimming, walking, and seasonal fireworks detonation and sales. The significant historic uses of the site include the Richardson/Riverside Sawmill (1942-1980), Sverdsten Logging, sorting yard, (1983-1984), Seubert Excavators, asphalt batch plant, (1987-1991), WASCO, depositing demolition debris (1997), and various fireworks stands (1983-2014). A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) was performed on TU-45 in conformance with the scope of work and ASTM Practice E 1527-05 in March 10, 2010. A Targeted Brownfield Assessment was funded and managed by EPA was completed in December 2011 and concluded that additional site characterization was needed. A Phase II ESA, managed and funded by Tribal Response Program (TRP), began in 2013 and includes trenching, soil sampling, geophysics, drilling of four monitor wells, and groundwater sampling. This revised Phase I ESA incorporates findings from the TBA, Phase II ESA findings to date, and presents the following professional opinions regarding recognized environmental conditions (RECs) at TU-45:

  1. Creosote contaminated soil and possible creosote groundwater contamination
  2. Underground Storage Tank (UST);
  3. Uncharacterized “demolition debris”
  4. Perchlorate contamination of groundwater from fireworks detonation
  5. Soil and possible groundwater contamination by pentachlorophenol of unknown origin.
Tribal Unit 45 (TU45) Location and REC Map

Tribal Unit 45 (TU45) Location and REC Map