Five Mile Creek Watershed

Physical and Biological Characteristics

Fivemile Creek Watershed (7,945 acres) is located in Lewis County, and entirely within the Nez Perce Reservation. The creek flows in an easterly direction approximately 5.5 miles to its confluence with the Clearwater River, 2.5 miles upriver from the town of Greer. Elevations range from 1,145 feet at the confluence with the Clearwater River to 3,287 feet in the uplands. The stream flows primarily through a steep canyon area, and has several smaller intermittent tributaries. The stream gradient is generally steep and large boulders are common. The dominant land use in the watershed is agriculture (99% cropland). Fivemile Creek watershed supports steelhead/rainbow trout (Kucera 1983).
Early studies have shown that Fivemile Creek water quality is impacted by sparse riparian vegetation, variable annual flows, and low summer flows (Kucera 1983). Nonpoint sources of pollutants are predominantly agricultural activities.

                      Five Mile Creek Land Use Map


Studies, Plans and Reports

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