ASTM American Society of Testing and Materials

BIA Bureau of Indian Affairs

CERCLA Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act

CERCLIS Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability
Information System

CORRACTS corrective actions

Cu.yd. Cubic Yard

CWA Clean Water Act

DEP Department of Environmental Protection

DEM Department of Environmental Management

DEQ Department of Environmental Quality

EDR® Environmental Data Resources®

EPA United States Environmental Protection Agency

ERNS Emergency Notification Response System

ESA environmental site assessment

FOG Fat, Oil and Grease

Gal. Gallon

GWP Groundwater Program

HWY highway

HIS Indian Health Services

IC/EC institutional control/engineering control(s)

IDEQ Idaho Department of Environmental Quality

IDTL Initial Default Target Levels

Kg. Kilogram

LUST(s) leaking underground storage tank(s)

Mg Miligram

Pb Lead

NFRAP no further remedial action planned

non-CORRACTS no corrective actions

NPDWR National Primary Drinking Water Regulations

NPL National Priorities List

NPS Non-point source

NPT Nez Perce Tribe

NSDWR National Secondary Drinking Water Regulations

PCB polychlorinated biphenyl

PCS Petroleum Contaminated Soil

RCRA Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

RECs recognized environmental concerns

SDWA Safe Drinking Water Act

SVOC Semi-Volatile Organic Chemicals

TEP Tribal Environmental Programs

TBA Targeted Brownfield’s Assessment

TSD treats, stores, and disposes

TU tribal unit

UIC Underwater Injection Control

USDA United States Department of Aguiculture

UST(s) Underground storage tank(s)

WRD Water Resources Division