Lapwai School District Transportation Department

Lapwai School District Dry Well Time-Critical Removal Administrative Record (LPDAR)
Released 4/10/2013 by the USEPA


Executive Summary

Two underground injection control (UIC) wells were sampled by the Nez Perce Tribe Water
Resources Division on behalf of the Lapwai School District Transportation Department.

The UIC well located in front of the building named the Motor Vehicle UIC contains grossly
contaminated sludge. Ten volatile organic chemicals (VOC), three semi-volatile organic
chemicals (SVOC), and three metals are present in concentrations that exceed Idaho DEQ’s
Initial Default Target Levels (IDTL). In particular, the chemicals contain significant
concentrations of non-biodegradable chlorinated solvents including tetrachloroethene (22.5
mg/Kg), trichloroethene (168 mg/Kg), and lead (1,840 mg/Kg).

The sludge and surrounding soil around the Motor Vehicle UIC should be carefully excavated and likely
disposed as hazardous waste at an appropriate licensed facility. Additionally, there is the potential that
these chemicals may have contaminated the shallow groundwater. Because of the relatively close
proximity to the BIA drinking water wells it is recommended that at least three shallow groundwater
monitoring wells be installed around the injection well site.

The soil sampled from well behind the Bus Garage, primarily used to dispose of bus wash water
did not exceed Idaho DEQ Initial Default Target Level (IDTL) concentrations. However, the
close proximity to the BIA drinking water well (30 ft) and past disposal practices suggest that the
district should develop an alternative to shallow groundwater injection of bus wash water

pdf  Request for Contained-in Determination, Lapwai School Di strict Dry Well; CERCLA Removal Action
under Uni lateral Administrative Order; EPA Docket No. CERCLA-1 0-20 13-0063.
 (28 May 2013)

This letter is in response a request for a “contained-in determination” for excavated soils generated
recently at the above referenced removal action,

pdf  Action Memorandum for the Time-Critical Removal Action at the Lapwai School District Drywell Site 
less Confidential Addendum. (17 January 2013)

The purpose of this memorandum is to document the decision to initiate timecritical
response action described herein for the Lapwai School District Drywell
Site located within the Nez Perce Reservation in Lapwai, Nez Perce
County, Idaho.

pdf  Map containing the Northern Idaho Agency and South Lapwai Water System Layout.

pdf Notice of Potential Liability Pursuant to Section 107(a) of CERCLA Unilateral Administrative Order for 
Removal Action EPA CERCLA Docket No. 10-2013-0063 Lapwai School District Drywell Site, Lapwai, Idaho 
less Administrative Order. (17 January 2013)

The EPA has spent, or is considering spending, public funds to investigate and respond to potential releases
of hazardous substances at the Site.

pdf Unilateral Administrative Order for Removal Response Activities at the Lapwai School District Drywell Superfund Site. (16 January 2013)

This Order pertains to the Lapwai School District Drywell Superfund Site (“Site”) located at
the Lapwai School District bus maintenance facility at 204 District Road, Lapwai, Idaho. This Order
requires Respondent to conduct removal actions described herein to abate an imminent and substantial
endangerment to the public health, welfare or the environment that may be presented by the actual or
threatened release of hazardous substances at or from the Site.

pdf Sampling Report for the Underground Injection Control Wells with attached transmittal letter. (17 December 2012)

On October 23, 2012 Kevin Brackney, Jerrod Rickman, and Jarvis Weaskus sampled at two
locations at the Lapwai School District Bus Garage (Figure 1). The UIC well is located about 12
feet from the bus garage called “Motor Vehicle.” The second UIC well was labeled “Bus Barn”,
and connected to a concrete bus washing pad. The Bus Barn well is located behind the bus
garage and about 30 feet from the BIA municipal water well.

pdf Correspondence containing the Conditional Approval of Closure Plan for Motor Vehicle Waste Disposal Wells 
at the Lapwai School District Bus Transportation and Maintenance Facility. (11 October 2012)

pdf Class V Underground Injection Control Inspection Report. (12 June 2012)

This was a pre-announced Class V UIC inspection at Lapwai School District’s Bus Transportation and
Maintenance facility, elementary school, and high school. Jennifer Parker and Matthew Vojik presented
credentials and provided the written Notice of Inspection to Mr. White (carbon copy attached).
Mr. White consented to the inspection.

pdf Source Water Assessment of Nez Perce Tribe Lapwai Valley Water Utilities. (4 May 2006)

The purpose this Source Water Assessment is to support the current efforts of Nez Perce staff and to provide information for land use planning decisions that may need to be made prior to completion of the aquifer mapping effort.

pdf Appendix C Well #2 Log and Test Pump. (27 June 2007)

pdf Bureau of Indian Affairs Northern Idaho Monitoring and Compliance Schedule. (12 December 2012)