Lower Potlatch River Watershed

Physical and Biological Characteristics



Studies, Plans and Reports

Potlatch River Watershed Management Plan (October 2007)
Latah Soil and Water Conservation District

The purpose of the Potlatch River Watershed Management Plan is to provide land owners,
land managers and conservation agency staff with a guideline to facilitate the collaborative
coordination of steelhead habitat restoration efforts throughout the Potlatch River

Potlatch River Subbasin Assessment and Total Maximum Daily Load (September 2008)
Department of Environmental Quality

The federal Clean Water Act requires that Idaho restore and maintain the chemical, physical,
and biological integrity of state waters and to adopt water quality standards necessary to protect
fish, shellfish, and wildlife while providing for recreation in and on the nation’s waters whenever

Potlatch River Subbasin Total Maximum Daily Load Implementation Plan for Agriculture (June 2010)
Idaho Soil Conservation Commission

This component implementation plan is intended to assist and document ongoing efforts of the
Latah Soil and Water Conservation District and agricultural producers in the Potlatch River
Subbasin to identify critical agricultural acres and suggest BMPs necessary to meet the
requirements of the Potlatch River Subbasin TMDL.

Potlatch River Monitoring Report (April 2009)
Nez Perce Tribe Water Resources Division

The Idaho Association of Soil Conservation Districts (IASCD) collected water quality
data from the Potlatch River and several of its tributaries from April 2006 through March
2008. This monitoring project was initiated to evaluate water quality in the Potlatch River

A Biological and  Physical Inventory of Clear Creek,Orofino Creek,and the Potlatch River Tributary Stream of the Clearwater River, Idaho (December 1984)
Nez Perce Tribe Fisheries Resource Management

Clear Creek, Orofino Creek, and Potlatch Creek, three of the largest tributaries of the lower
Clearwater River Basin, were inventoried during 1984. The purpose of the inventory was to
identify where anadromous salmonid production occurs and to recommend enhancement
alternatives to increase anadromous salmonid habitat in these streams.

Little Potlatch Creek Water Quality Status Report # 76 (1987)
Department of Health and Welfare Division of Environment Boise, Idaho

Potlatch River Water Quality Status Report No. WQ-23 (December 1978)
Department of Health and Welfare Division of Environment

Upper Potlatch River Study Water Quality Summary No. 9  (October 1980)
Department of Health and Welfare Division of Environment Statehouse Boise, Idaho 83720

1994 Beneficial Use Reconnaissance Project Water Quality Summary Report N0. 31 (December 1995)
Idaho Division of Environmental Quality North Central Idaho Rerional Office