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Ken is the Water Quality Program Coordinator for the Nez Perce Tribe. He is responsible for overseeing the Surface Water Quality Program, the Nonpoint Source (NPS) Management Program, and the Wetlands Program. These three programs are closely linked, with the water quality and habitat data collected and analyzed by the Water Quality and Wetlands Programs being used to help determine where degradation of water quality is occurring, so that the NPS Management Program can target those areas and implement best management practices to improve water quality.

Before joining the Tribe, he spent nine years as a water quality analyst for the Idaho Association of Soil Conservation Districts (IASCD), developing and implementing water quality monitoring projects throughout north-central Idaho. Before that he worked for the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, conducting riparian surveys. Ken has a Professional Science Masters (PSM) degree in Natural Resources and Environmental Science from the University of Idaho, with an emphasis in Water Resources Management. He also received his B.S. from the University of Idaho in Environmental Science.

Ken P. Clark

(208) 843-7368 ext. 3903

Christine Porter

Chris Porter

Administrative Secretary
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Alicia Helfrick

Water Resources Specialist
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Interwet program going over the soil found at the Lapwai Nature Trail.

Rue Hoover

Wetlands Specialist
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Casey McCormack

Casey McCormack

Water Technician III
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Sierra Higheagle

Water Resources Specialist
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Amber Ziegler

Linda Nemeth

Planner/Technical Writer-Editor
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Marcus Oatman Jr.

Marcus Oatman Jr.

Waste Water Technician
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Errol Robinson

Errol Robinson

Recycling Tech. & HERT Member

Roberto Lopez

Roberto Lopez

Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
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Jason Vangen<br>

Jason Vangen

Utilities Coordinator
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Greg Ennis

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Stefanie Krantz

Climate Change Coordinator
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John Loffredo

Brownfields TRP Coordinator
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