Three Mile/Butcher Creek Watershed

Three Mile/Butcher Creek Watershed (Idaho County)

Watershed Characterization

Physical and Biological Characteristics

Threemile Creek is located in Idaho County, Idaho. The water quality in Threemile Creek is influenced by both point and nonpoint sources of pollution. In the Idaho Water Quality Standards (IDAPA 58.01.02), Threemile Creek is protected for cold water aquatic life, salmonid spawning, and secondary contact recreation designated beneficial uses.


Studies, Plans and Reports

Water Quality Status ReportReport No. WQ-41 (March 1979)

Department of Health and Welfare Division of Environment Boise, ID

Three Mile Creek Beneficial Use Assessment (August 2008)
Idaho Department of Environmental Quality Lewiston Regional Office

DEQ staff conducted a beneficial use assessment study for Threemile Creek from 2005 through
2006. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the salmonid spawning aquatic life beneficial use
designation for Threemile Creek, and to characterize the creek’s temperature profile above and
below the City of Grangeville wastewater treatment plant outfall to determine whether Idaho’s
point source natural background temperature provision (IDAPA is applicable.