Special Projects

Special Projects at NPT Water Resources

Nez Perce Tribe Lead Outreach Program
Sponsored by: EPA Lead Outreach and Education Program

Education and Outreach Project 

The goal of this project is provide educational material to inform the public of the effects of exposure to Lead-based paint and related hazards. This will be  accomplished through community and school activities, Tribal environmental and health gatherings/fairs/conferences, the development and production of an informational video and media tools
such as posters, brochures and our website.

Nez Perce Tribe Environmental Justice
Sponsored By: EPA Environmental Justice Program

Water Protection Project 
mud bogging
This project addresses the importance of the Tribe’s water resources and the
impact mud-bogging in wetland areas can affect the quality of our water resources.
A documentary video was produced to highlight the Tribe’s views on mud-bogging and the importance of water resources to the culture and the environment.

Nez Perce Tribe Climate Change Adaptation Planning


Climate Change Adaptation Plan 

The purpose of this climate change adaptation plan is to assess risks and explore potential opportunities for addressing those risks in the Clearwater River Subbasin, both now and in the future, given that changes in our climate are inevitable.